Ecological Sustainability Goals

Enginova is recognised as a collaborator to deliver ecological sustainable solutions through design. Our approach to sustainability involves partnering with our clients and designers, to make sure all stakeholders understand their respective ecological challenges, in order to find the best solutions.

We adopt a holistic approach to sustainability by analysing innovative products and technologies, incorporating these solutions into our process and delivery. This approach is embedded in how we work and comes as a result of our commitment to demonstrate stewardship in sustainability.


We endevour to present our clients the benefits of ecological sustainability by considering these fundamental principles:

  • Building energy efficiency
  • Water conservation strategies
  • Eco sensitive construction materials
  • Indoor environmental quality
  • Waste management
  • Community engagement
  • Transport optimisation
  • Internet of Things (IoT) technology
  • Circular ecology

"Ecological Sustainability is about the never-ending challenge to make a positive and meaningful impact on the environment, without diminishing our quality of life or the generation after".

David Chiem - Director | Operations


We stand proud on our long-term commitment to become a climate positive business, through our own practices and helping our clients realise their climate positive goals.

12 Sustainability projects completed and counting


Average improved building efficiency of 37%


43,487kwh of energy and 2,367kL of potable water saved through building optimisation