Using CFD technology

to troubleshoot HVAC systems and understand COVID-19 risk.

Unfortunately most offices have inherited poorly designed or commissioned air-conditioned spaces where it may feel stale, hot or cold, drafty or just uncomfortable. With the example of our office, we wanted to simulate using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) our heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system in order to visualise the bahaviour of airflow patterns and temperature distribution. We were also intrigued to see what the risk of COVID-19 spread would pose based on current configuration and hypothetically implement strategies to minimise the risk of infection. By modelling the air flow, temperatures and potential pollutants throughout a building in CFD, we are able to quickly determine the most optimal design whether it may be cost, comfort or energy efficiencies.

Do you have a poorly ventilated office or would like to know how CFD can improve HVAC design? Contact our team for more information or how we could assist in your projects.


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