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Taking the confusion out of Energex applications.


Confused with the convoluted application process for Energex approvals? Whether you are looking to potentially develop a site or about to commence construction, you are not the only one!

With the current hive of construction activity in South East Queensland, it is difficult to forecast costs or predict the time it takes to submit and approve authority applications. Lets break it down to manageable bites…

Energex application for new (commercial) connections

  1. The best place to start is to talk to an electrical designer, who’ll be completing the work needed for your development. An electrical designer can provide technical information about your proposed new connection and can also submit your connection application on your behalf.
  2. The electrical designer submits a “Supply availability inquiry” to ensure current Energex infrastructure can provide required supply. This is often supported by a Maximum Demand (MD) calculation in accordance to AS3000.
  3. Energex will respond (typically within 10 business days) to make an offer for the following:
    • Basic connection offer – Less than 100Amp supply;
    • Negotiated connection offer – Over 100Amps and incurs additional costs.

How long does it take?

Energex aim to provide an offer within the following timeframes.

Once an offer is signed and accepted, it then proceeds to the design phase (fee applicable) where Energex will determine the scope of works and determine the costs for supply and installation.

– The design phase can typically take approximately 6-8 weeks.

Moving from an approval stage, the timeframe for works that require extension or rearrangement of the network is typically 26 weeks from when Energex have all the information we need to proceed.


How much will it cost?

Energex provide regulated pricing fees for their design, supply and installation of their assets. Costs are determined by complexity of the development site (small site or prone to flooding etc.), traffic conditions (i.e. on a main road), other underground/overhead services etc.

Here are some budgetary costs associated with a typical residential apartment development:

  • Cost for design fee is typically $6500-$9000 + GST.
  • Cost for supply and installation of a padmount transformer (500kVa) is typically $130k-$150k + GST.
  • Cost to underground a single span of HV lines (pole to pole) is approximately $90k-$110k + GST
  • Cost to recover Rate 2 street lighting (Energex owned and maintained) is approximately $30k-$40k.
Our advice!

Energex are an authority and not obligated to meet the timeframes of your project. That is; they attempt to work with your planning and construction deadlines, but in our experience that is not always the case!

Our strong advice is to start the planning early during Development Application (DA), well before construction phase. Bear in mind the total time it takes from application to permanent connection is approximately 9-11 months.

Get in touch with us to see how we can assist in your upcoming projects. Our Electrical Engineers have extensive experience dealing with Energex and can assist in the application, design and management to ensure a seamless integration with your projects.

Meet Vipan Chand – Electrical Designer

Vipan has over 15 years of Industry experience across engineering design and manufacturing of lighting components and control systems. He is passionate about specialist lighting design and how it can accentuate architectural components of a building and landscape.

Vipan is adept at managing the Energex application and the design process, from free-standing padmounts to large customer connection substation designs.

Get in touch with Vipan on 1300 748 662 or vipan.chand@enginova.com.au to see how he can assist you with your projects.

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