Metagenics Chiller Upgrade Complete

Fantastic to see another successful project completed, which was delivered on-time and on budget. Enginova were engaged by Advanced Air Conditioning to provide specialist Mechanical engineering design for the following:

  • Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) audit of existing facility to determine current comfort levels.
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) audit to determine compliant outside air requirements and air change effectiveness.
  • Heat load analysis and confirmation of existing HVAC sizing.
  • Chilled water infrastructure audit to determine operational and energy efficiencies.
  • Stage sequencing for chiller upgrade.

The project required the delivery and replacement of the existing chiller to occur over after-hours, in order to minimise disruption to production and office staff. The team at Advanced Air Conditioning have done a fantastic job in preparing the site for delivery, seamless replacement and final commissioning of equipment over the weekend and ready for Monday start. We kindly thank the team for their support and look forward to our next project together.

End Client Metagenics
Contractor Advanced Air Conditioning
Product New chiller upgrade of existing processing facility
Service Mechanical Services engineering

Photo Credits : Advanced Air Conditioning.


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