Combating COVID-19

through innovative engineering design to build resilience.


Advisory Publication – Q4 2020

We are delighted to publish our first advisory, illustrating how innovative engineering design can build resilience to the impacts of COVID-19 within the built environment. The aim is to engage industry professionals and stakeholders such as developers, builders, Architects, engineers and the wider community to develop a brains trust, for innovative ways we can combat pathogenic diseases such as the coronavirus.

We understand that advancement in science and medical research can only provide half of the solution. Traditionally, engineers have shared an equal role by developing solutions that require the scientific function to be effective. For example through science, we understand that COVID-19 transmit through aerosols and contact of surfaces. Engineers have designed and developed masks that trap these viruses, designed mobile respirators, UV sterilising stations and robots, and deployed temporary hospitals to treat the ill.

We are proud to be initiators of collaborative thought, keeping abreast of the latest ideas and technologies that may assist in the control or minimise the risk of infection within the built environment.

We hope you enjoy reading this publication and encourage any comments below.


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