Building Insights (BI)

Energy and water costs need constant management to ensure you are meeting your budgetary goals and maximising all available cost avoidance and savings opportunities. In short, taking action now to future proof your business against rising utilities costs is the best investment you can make.

Our Building insights team specialises in working with you to identify, prioritise and implement a structured program to address your challenges. We offer a range of strategic sustainability consulting services for the built environment and related sectors, including:

Building Insights BI
  • Sustainability and ESD strategic analysis and advisory
  • Technical input and review of environmental sustainability policy development
  • Peer review of building design, documentation and submissions
  • Contractor and supplier training and advice
  • Material / product sustainability review and guidance
  • Advice related to green building funding and applications
  • Project and technical feasibility studies
  • ESD and sustainability risk assessments

Energy is a major business expense

In fact, in our experience, it’s usually the third most expensive cost centre after people and property. So it’s vitally important that your buildings are optimised to use energy as efficiently as possible.

Building automation and monitoring systems incorporate hardware and software like sensors, switches, and programmable interfaces. Many systems include a robust analytics engine that can provide valuable data for technicians or engineers working on the system while providing you an ongoing record of historical usage and important clues for continual improvement. By including these tech solutions in your overall energy optimisation strategy, you can keep your commercial facility constantly progressing toward more efficient and cost-effective operation.

Our team can work with you through the design and construction phases of new buildings or major refurbishments, or retro-fit new management systems to existing buildings. The systems then control and monitor all the essential functions that ensure the building continues to run efficiently, safely and comfortably.

Building Insights Engineering Solutions


Building Insights Design and Engineering

Tools used for improving building design and operation.

  • Energy modelling for energy prediction and risk assessments
  • Thermal comfort modelling and optimisation
  • Passive building design and design optimisation
  • CFD simulations
  • Daylight and shading modelling
  • Facade/ building envelope design analysis and performance optimisation
  • Renewable and micro-generation system consulting and modelling including solar, wind, geothermal, thermal storage, Co-gen simulations and Tri-generation
  • Technical guidance and specification of HVAC, including heat recovery systems, active-mass, geo-thermal.

Regulatory Compliance

Design assessments and optimisation for compliance with building codes, local council or other regulatory requirements.

  • NCC BCA Volume One Section J compliance including JV3 (commercial, industrial, etc.)
  • NCC BCA Volume Two Parts 2.6 and 3.12 incl. FirstRate5 Energy Ratings (NatHERS) (residential dwelling energy efficiency compliance)

New Building Assessments and Ratings

Design and project consulting to achieve sustainability ratings for new buildings or projects.

  • Green Star ratings consulting, reports and submissions (all tools)
  • NABERS rating consulting, reports and submissions
  • WELL Building Standard

Existing Buildings Assessment & Ratings

Sustainability assessment and rating certifications for existing buildings.

  • NABERS Ratings
  • BEEC assessments - Commercial Building Disclosure (CBD)
  • Green Star Performance Tool
  • Building energy efficiency upgrades
  • Energy audits and reviews
  • Energy management
  • Building tuning and optimisation