One of the key tenets of engineering is the minimisation of risk. This is an imperative to ensure projects are well designed and clients are satisfied.

The opposite of risk is opportunity and related to that is innovation. Many engineering companies are strong at minimising risk but not great at providing opportunity and its relationship with innovation. Therefore, the benefits to their clients may be limited.

One of the great attributes of Enginova, is their ability to not only sensibly minimise risk for their clients, but to also optimise opportunity for them in all the projects they work on through their innovative and thorough approach to projects.  They are inquisitive and seek answers outside the square. This creates many benefits for their customers.

Airius P/L is an air flow engineering and manufacturing company that utilises innovation to differentiate their products in the market.

We work closely with Enginova on many projects and have always admired their ability to manage the risk versus opportunity balance.

When you combine their excellent personal touch, highly skilled staff and broad range of customers, they offer a compelling argument to be the consulting engineers on your next project.

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